Frequenty Asked Questions


Q. Where do I get information about becoming an apprentice?

A. The information is in our Apprenticeship section.

Q. I am looking for work as a carpenter. Who should I contact?

A. Click here to see contact information for your closest Local Union.

Q. I want to take the challenge exam for my carpenter's certificate. Who should I contact?

A. You can get information from the Industry Training Authority's web-site at:

Q. How do construction unions work?

A. Workers know they deserve fair wages and safe working conditions.
Unions use Collective Agreements as a mechanism to bring all employees together to work
toward these common goals.

A collective agreement is a contract between the employees and the company. The
agreements set out wages, working conditions, overtime pay, grievance procedures and raise
the working standards above the minimum requirements set by Federal and Provincial

These agreements help employees receive fair treatment, better wages and benefits in a safe
and respectful work environment.

If you'd like to know more, call CMAW at 604 437-0471 or email All communication will be kept confidential.

Q: My coworkers and I are not being treated fairly in our workplace. What can we do about it?

A: Your best protection against unfair treatment at work is a union.

Every worker in BC, regardless of the job they do, is legally entitled to join a union. If you or your coworkers have questions about unionizing, legal protections throughout the unionization process or how a collective agreement will be reached, contact CMAW confidentially at 604 471-0471 or email

Q. What protection do I have if I want to bring in a union?

A. In BC, the rights of workers unionizing their workplace are legally protected by the Labour
Relations Code. These legal protections are enforced by the Labour Relations Board of BC.

Employers, or people acting on their behalf, are prohibited from:

  • participating in or interfering with the formation or administration of a union
  • firing, suspending, transferring, laying off or otherwise disciplining an employee during an organizing drive except for proper cause
  • imposing any condition in a contract that attempts to prevent an employee from exercising his or her right under the Labour Code
  • threatening to impose a penalty or promising a benefit to try to compel an employee from becoming or continuing to be a member of a union.

Q. What does it mean to be certified?

A. Certification means that you and a majority of your co-workers have chosen to unionize. Once your workplace is certified, CMAW will become your bargaining agent. We will work with you and your coworkers to negotiate a contract that addresses the concerns and problems specific to your workplace.

Q. Are there openings for apprenticeships in CMAW?

A. Yes. Click on “Application Forms” on the New Members page and enter your information or upload your resume.