CMAW members to gain jobs and opportunities on Site C Clean Energy Project

Vancouver, B.C. Over 500 Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers Canada scaffolders and carpenters will have the opportunity to enjoy stable employment for the next eight years, thanks to BC Hydro’s choice of Peace River Hydro Partners as the preferred proponent for main civil works construction.

“For us, this feels like winning the Stanley Cup,” says CMAW president Jan Noster. “We’re proud to have some of the most highly skilled, talented, and hardworking members in the country. The success of our membership over the past 50 years on dam construction projects will play an integral part in the completion of the Site C civil works project. Along with a strong track record of success our members bring experience, dedication, and pride in their workmanship.”

Main civil works is the largest single contract for the construction of the Site C project, and includes the construction of an earthfill dam, two diversion tunnels, and a concrete foundation for the generating station and spillways.

CMAW has strong experience building major Hydro projects in B.C. over the past 10 years. Our projects have included the Seven Mile Dam Upgrade, the Mica Dam Units 5 and 6, and the John Hart Generating Station.

With 3,900 members in B.C. and 7,000 across Western Canada, CMAW recognizes the desire for meaningful employment, respect for culture and environment, and are committed to providing opportunities for local British Columbians, First Nations, women, and youth.