October 19, 2011
The federal government's awarding of a major part of its shipbuilding strategy to BC shipyards will create "hundreds and hundreds" of new jobs for CMAW members, says President Jan Noster.
October 17, 2011
JJ was insturmental in the germination of the ideal of a Canadian Construction Union for Canadian construction workers and has been a leader, both in the Union in the Northwest and the communities of Northwestern BC 
October 17, 2011
[img_assist|nid=100|title=|desc=CMAW members from across the west at a Shop Stewards course in Vancouver in Sept. 16. |link=none|align=right|width=300|height=176]CMAW hosted a one-day Shop Stewards course attended by 21 members from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan on Sept. 16.
August 24, 2011
The Carpentry Workers' Pension Plan of BC is holding Town Hall Meetings around the Province of BC. It is important that members make every attempt to attend.  Click here for a list of meeting locations and dates.
August 22, 2011
August 20, 2011Toronto, Ontario Dear Friends, Tens of thousands of Canadians have written to me in recent weeks to wish me well. I want to thank each and every one of you for your thoughtful, inspiring and often beautiful notes, cards and gifts. Your spirit and love have lit up my home, my spirit, and my determination.
July 8, 2011
Journeyman Wage Package - $43.43/hr Long & Short-term work. Proof of qualification required (TQ/IP, apprentice ID#, or hours for scaffolding) along with any valid certifications (H2S Alive, WHMIS, Fall Arrest, Confined Space, etc) Resumes accepted via fax 250–562–4201 or email No telephone enquires
June 7, 2011
The activities of Seaspan's shipbuilding and ship repair operations impact the BC economy through direct expenditures on goods and services, the employment of workers and the generation of tax revenues for local, provincial and federal governments. 
May 30, 2011
MAY 2011 - BC BARGAINING UPDATE Negotiations have started for a renewal of 2010 Agreement! The Construction Labour Relations is the organization that represents all Union Construction contractors in the Province of BC. CMAW is at the table negotiating the terms and conditions of the Province wide Standard Commercial/Institutional and Industrial Collective Agreement renewal on behalf of the CMAW Carpenters and Scaffolders.
May 30, 2011
There are several forest fires continuing to burn in areas north of Fort McMurray. Alberta Sustainable Resource Development has been making good progress controlling the fire in the vicinity of the Horizon site. Their strategies will assist in reducing the amount of smoke impacting air quality in the Wood Buffalo Region.