New 1995 president plans to move forward

It was a home-run election victory this spring for brother Bill Duck – Local 1995's newly elected president. Duck says it's time to move on and leave the past in the past. He's looking forward to working with a new slate of local executives who will provide new insight to the local that has been struggling for a while.

Knowing that things had to change within the local is what helped Duck persevere through the tough times. "I'm really feeling good about the new slate of executives who will offer fresh ideas as we plan our local's future."

The five new executives could also help restore the working relationship between 1995 and CMAW Council. Duck, who has been involved with the local since 1975 (then 452), says that he understands that members want to see harmony within our union. "Members are saying they're just plain frustrated with the negativity that has been getting us nowhere."

Duck says that the lack of harmony between 1995 and CMAW Council has been damaging and that it has even caused some members to choose other unions. "A lack of harmony gives an advantage to our competing unions. This needs to stop, now."

Duck also hopes to work harmoniously with our parent union – CEP. "I know they're there to support us and help to make our union stronger."

Although the new executive is armed with brotherly spirit and good intentions, Duck says that as far as work is concerned it's no secret that times are bad right now and that we need to hope this recession ends soon so that people can get back on the job.

"The last six months have been the slowest I've ever seen it," Duck says, adding that poor economic times has put a hold on major projects the local was anticipating. "There's obviously just no money right now."

But while the local is waiting for the work situation to change, the new executive will not sit idle. "We have plans to clean up shop and improve many areas during this time," Duck reports.

A priority he says is to address the need to communicate more effectively with members. Local 1995 can expect to see an improved local bulletin and the website will also receive an overhaul.

CWPP area includes welcoming discussion and debate, no matter what the topic. "But, at the end of the day we need to leave those discussions at the table and part with a brotherly handshake – not with hostility or animosity.

"We are one union and need to begin to recognize this. Fighting is for our opposition, not our own brothers and sisters," he adds.

Duck believes that it would be beneficial for our pension and benefits people to also be involved at the bargaining table. "I would really welcome this – I think it's important that they be there too."

Overall Duck says that members should feel reassured that things will change for the better in all respects for 1995 and he welcomes and encourages thoughts and ideas. He says he's also there to hear any concerns.

"We work for our members and I want members to feel comfortable contacting us. I want members to know they can contact us any time and shouldn't wait for bad times to get in touch." Members can reach Bill Duck at 604-437-0491 or by e-mail at Members should also feel free to contact business agent Eugenio Zanotto at 604-329-4788 or by e-mail at 

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